Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Lovely lovely boys & bonuses

Boys are great aren't they? And not just for the functional reasons.

Last night I spent the evening with three of my faves in Brighton, when I say 'the night' you'll understand I merely mean a couple of hours in the pub, and a drink or three (which explains my 10am arrival at my desk in the City- ah well).

I was busy wrapping presents in my trackie bottoms and watching some awful film about abstinence and I got the text 'come to the pub' to which I made my excuses and received the response 'shut up'. I later found out that the words 'you slut' were only omitted at very last minute. Charming.

Being invited into the bosom of a male drinking trio after several hours is a fascinating and terrifying place to be, in equal measures. I was regailed with many a story about heinous errors with girls, and was privileged to gain an insight or two into the workings of a male mind.

This is what I deduced. Boys believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts, or the measured opinion of friends, or the niggling doubts, or anything. If they want to convince themselves that something is acceptible to do, they will do it. This of course is BRILLIANT for outsiders looking in and chortling about the latest f**k up. And then it hit me. I'm going out with one of these people. These 'men'. I am on very thin ice. The lesbians are laughing all the way to the egg bank.

On a slightly more boring note, yesterday I got my bonus. It has to be said, there were a few zeros missing off the end of the figure. However, the said amount is enough to purchase a new lap top for my blogging exploits.Hip hip hooray! So it turns out working in the City does have a couple of very minor perks. You put up with bitching, back stabbing, two-faced-ness and general skullduggery, but you get a token sum of money to keep you sweet at the end.

Where's that CV of mine?


Jonathan Shipley said...

"Boys believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts, or the measured opinion of friends, or the niggling doubts, or anything. If they want to convince themselves that something is acceptable to do, they will do it."

This is true. But we will feel like utter shits afterwards, if that's any consolation, and have the horrors, and will genuinely consider never doing it again.

Ali P said...

'genuinely consider'
hehehe, this reminds me of the old 'I'm never drinking again' statement. Listen, don't get me wrong, I love boys. They're awesome. They are just a little tricky at times.

Dan said...

Are we talking about all boys or one boy inparticular here?

Ali P said...

all boys at times. I reckon you do have an uncanny nack of ignoring the key reasons why you shouldn't do things. No fingers are being pointed... :) Especially not at you boys!

Jonathan Shipley said...

Myself and Dan are boys of exceptional moral integrity and vigour.

Well, I am.

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